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Karate Kyokushin Program

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The Kyokushin Karate Program is based on philosophy of self-improvement, self-discipline and hard training, which gives you ability to grow and progress with your self-defense skills, physical condition, endurance, strength and flexibility, as well as your body composition.

Kyokushin as a system is a practical and effective method to increase your self-esteem and become more balanced and goal-oriented.

It is absolutely suitable for men, women and children.

Karate Kyokushin Program includes:

1. Technique (Kihon)

Blocks, strikes, kicks, throws, takedowns, stances, movements and breathing

2. Meditation (Zazen)

We practice zazen (literally "seated meditation") in a kneeling position (Seiza) before and the of a class to calm the body and the mind. It helps to achive greater levels of concentration and focus which are very important and useful qualities in Martial Arts and the ordinary life

3. Formal exercise (Kata)

Kata is a sequence of movements, positions, blocks, strikes and kicks combined with special breathing techniques. Kata provides physical and mental training, and contains the important element of self-defense, as well

4. Self-Defense (Goshin-Jitsu)

Self-defense is a method of practical application of various techniques that teach you to protect yourself and your loved ones in a real-life situation

5. Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness improves Cardio respiratory endurance, Muscular strength, Mascular edurance, Flexibility and Body Composition

We offer a whole range of Kyokushin fight specialties, such as "Full - Contact" and "Knockdown karate", "Semi - Contact" and "Non - Contact" as well as Clicker System.

Depending on your personal goals and primary focuses you can make a choice and adjust the program to your needs and conveniences.

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