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Shihan Roman

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Shihan Roman and Sosai Masutatsu Oyama


It is a classic example of 'love at the first sight' when Shihan Roman (then simply Roman Szyrajew) crossed the threshold of the Dojo of Sensei Lesourd, a man who had brought Kyokushin to Quebec.

Since that time, Shihan Roman has pursued the Art and is now a well-recognized Master.

I became acquainted with Shihan through Internet in 1997 while living in Russia.

Ever since then, I have been overwhelmed by his kindness and honesty.

He is open, free spirited, and giving.

Since 2000, I have had the privilege of personal study time with Shihan during his business trips to Vancouver or my visits to Montreal, going three times a year for periods of one to two weeks at a time. And every time I find out something new and valuable for myself and my students.

Knowing Shihan, I can say with great confidence that he possesses deep knowledge of Kyokushin karate, tremendous Kyokushin spirit, and absolute devotion to this kind of martial art.

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