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Benefits to training with Sensei Alexei

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Training with Sensei Alexi Goudkov presents unique and powerful benefits over other Personal Training and MA styles of self-defense:

  • Sensei Alexei has spent over thirty years coaching successful international and national competitors in full contact, knockdown, semi-contact and formal exercise championships in Europe, Russia, Canada and USA
  • Because of Alexei's vast experience, his training methods and knowledge base offer newcomers and veteran students alike a unique blend of advanced techniques that beginning instructors are unable to provide.
  • Sensei Alexei's classes cover the full spectrum of advanced techniques. His sessions are specialized with a focus on effectiveness and functionality and taught with an easy-to-understand approach that makes sense.
  • Most importantly, the drills and exercise taught can be applied to all other forms of martial arts.

  • Alexei incorporates a wide array of self-defense and lifesaving techniques into almost every class. Drawing from his deep knowledge base and personal experience, Alexei has been successful in training students from all walks of life, whether they are police officers or military personnel to those with no previous self-defense experience.
  • Techniques learned in Alexei's Dojo can inspire confidence when dealing with difficult or life threatening situations.

"...my friends, my acting agency and family cannot recognize me.
I became strong, confident, beautiful and even got part in a "Stargate"..."

- Natasha Vasiluk, Actress

Alexei's goal is to create positive transformational changes in his students beyond what they thought possible. To leave the Dojo with the confidence that comes from studying established martial arts techniques from a teacher with decades of experience is Alexei's only wish.
See you in the Dojo!

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