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Experience a unique lesson from Sensei Alexei with over 30 years of experience in Kyokushin karate with elements of Judo and Russian Sambo creating world-level champions in Canada, US, Europe and Russia!

Forget boredom as you get immersed in Sensei Alexei's superior motivation and wisdom.

You will learn winning technique and achieve athletic body, focused mind and strong spirit in personalized classes which keep you challenged and excited!

Sensei's consultation-based approach includes
cardio, balance, meditation and kata allowing him to help you meet your specific goals while making each lesson unforgettable!

"I have had the opportunity to witness some of the most Elite Athletes in the world...
Kyokushin Karate, as taught by sensei Alexei Goudkov, is an excellent method of achieving superior physical and mental fitness..."
-Greg Stewart, former Executive Producer of televised Professional Lacrosse in Canada.
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