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"I have done lots of sports but karate is my favorite out of all of them. I have won many trophies and been to a lot of tournaments.
It is hard work but it's worth it."

-Elizabeth Pertsev, age 10, student

"I have a very good Sensei and lots of friends at my karate classes that I only get to see at the karate class because they go to different schools"

- George, age 14. As a Alexei's student around 4 years.

"I am almost 8 years old and I go to karate program for 3 or 4 years. I do not remember.
I want to do karate because my instructor is a good instructor. I like lots of things in my karate including tournaments and exams. I won prizes. And I want to do karate until I am a black belt or higher. I also like my friends and I don't want to leave them. Thank you."

- Ivan Denyssevich, age 10, student

"I have been participating in Kyokushin Karate program since September 2007. I like my dojo and my teacher. I have tried different kinds of martial arts here in Vancouver before, but this program is the best I know. It is fun for me to train in our dojo, and I have noticed that I became more organized and disciplined, so because of that, I am doing better at school."

- Platon Rybakov, Age 11, student

"I love the karate classes that I'm taking, I've got lots of trophies and fun at my classes. This style is the best one and I find myself being really good at it.
My coach is also the reason I want to stay, he's fun to be with, he likes kids and he respects everyone, in one word he's a great guy! I have a goal for getting at least to black belt."

-Daniil Belikau, Age 11, student

"I really enjoy going for karate especially here because I haven't had a teacher this good. I'm 7th kyu which is blue belt and yellow stripe, but my goal is to get a black belt. We got tournaments and exams which I got first places in."

- Damil, Age 11, student

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