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" I personally feel that Sensei Alexei is a world-class trainer with countless years of experience and it is a true privilege to be trained by and learn from a true master. He not only possesses the necessary wisdom, but has the ability to share his knowledge with others in a way that is easy to comprehend but also makes the process of learning very enjoyable and rewarding."

- Alexanndre Levan, Senior Web Developer, Branding for Leaders

"As a former Executive Producer of televised Professional Lacrosse in Canada, I have had the opportunity to witness some of the most Elite Athletes in the world...
KYOKUSHIN KAIKAN KARATE, as taught by sensei Alexei Goudkov, is an excellent method of achieving superior physical and mental fitness that can help not only high level athletes but first time beginners, like myself, who needed the necessary discipline to achieve a healthier lifestyle".

-Greg Stewart, Real Estate Professional at TRG The Residential Group Realty

My experience in karate was none, when I actually met Sensei Alexei. When I met Master my life changed completely. I wanted my older son 12 years old to learn: how to protect himself. While I was watching my son during his karate-practices - I decided to take a few lessons for myself. Few lessons drove me to three years. Three years of hard work and my friends, my acting agency and family cannot recognize me. I became strong, confident, beautiful and even got part in a "Stargate", as a cosmonaut. This role was a competition between man and woman. I left all women behind right away when I came in a very tight robe. On the second call it was just me and a few strong man. The audition went in my favor; I think just because I did a simple preparation like we always do on karate: "Nogare".

- Natalia Vasiluk, Actress, Artistic Director, International School of Speech, Art & Drama

"I am very happy that I still have a possibility to attend this program with my son Platon. The Kyokushin Karate program gives as a valuable and important thing like a better filling of each other, my son and me.
After years of training, we realized that it became our life style.
We are spending more time together and we understand each other much better. My son becomes more self-disciplined and goal-oriented, and he gets higher marks at school. This program also helps me to survive a difficult time after lay-off from my previous work."

- Anatoliy Rybakov, System Integrator, DDS Wireless International, Black Belt

"On the face of martial arts, you are constantly learning how to defend against a physical attack. However, some of the true battles lie within. How do you find that determination and singularity of purpose where nothing else matters except the task before you? For me, all the walls that keep me safe from the world must come down, which also means I can feel all the emotions that I don't want to acknowledge. And also take the risk that my best isn't enough.
It's not going to get any easier, but
the difference between the day before and the day after is I know what's possible within me. In class, we don't just train our body, but also our mind and strength of will. We seek the perfection of technique, the strength to make it effective, and the stamina to last. Practice underpins all training, for memorization is the first step to understanding.
I thank you for your guidance as well as your understanding and compassion -- I'm glad our paths crossed."

- Allison Gau, Senior Software Developer, Salesforce

Since December 2010, Sensei Alexei Goudkov brought alive for me the practice of Kyokushin Karate.
We immediately established and maintained a weekly one-on-one training regime, 2x week (sometimes 3x) ever since! Sensei Alexei's knowledge and methods are exceptional and thorough, and he also brings a wealth of real world life experience to his dojo.
My goals were to learn self-defense and improve my flexibility and strength, however I can say without hesitation that I got much, much more out of our training by being open and not giving up even when Sensei pushed me and challenged me. He based my training program on the realities of the streets and how to prepare for real situations - how to block and attack effectively rather than being limited by the restrictions of friendly sparring. That said, training was never about violence but about training my mind, body and spirit to overcome my OWN limitations! There were many moments when I saw relevance and made connections between Kyokushin training and situations I faced in my personal and professional life.
I would highly recommend taking some time to assess your personal wellness goals and consider training in Kyokushin Karate with Sensei Alexei. OSU!

- Rahim Valli, Registered Massage Therapist

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