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" quality of the training, commitment and enthusiasm of the instructor and students, all these factors came together and created quite unique program that is valued so much by all participants. The program teaches kids of respect and discipline, it is also full of physical activity and fun. The program does serve the community in a short and long run by helping parents to teach their kids of values of life, respect, dignity, and citizenship."

-Tatyana Denyssevych, Ivan's mother. Coquitlam

"We were happy when we finally found the right karate club for our son. He gets very good physical activities, possibility to develop his stamina and strength of mind in addition to having a lot of fun in this program. He does his best there and, as a result, he recently won few tournaments."

-Anatoliy Rybakov and Liliya Kuzmina, Platon's parents. New Westminster.

"We have seen our daughters grow physically and mentally and learn to be patient since they started their Karate over four years, and Sensei Alexei is an excellent Karate Teacher. Whether or not is cold, raining, snowing or sunny and nice, we take our daughters to their Karate class three nights a week as our commitment to them. Sensei comes to the class under the same conditions as his commitment to them."

-Anthony and Silvia Hopes, parents of Tanya 7 and Natasha 9. Port Coquitlam

"Elizabeth has participated in Karate since a very young age. I have witnessed her becoming a very confident young lady that is eager to compete and do her best.
The skills she is acquiring in karate are mirrored in her every day life including her commitment to success in her school work. I do not know how else I can bolster her transition to young adult in more effective manner."

-Marina Romanchouk, mother of Elizabeth Pertsev - Coquitlam.

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